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Diba and Bio-Chem have merged and rebranded to form a simplified fluid handling supplier dedicated to helping engineers, scientists, and doctors solve the toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges.

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Achieve better outcomes and best-in-class performance with effective, efficient fluidic design.

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Introducing Arcmed

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Simplifying the Design and Build of Diagnostic and Analytical Instruments

Arcmed helps solve the world’s toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges. We simplify the design and build of top-performing instruments that exceed your fluidics quality and performance requirements.

Simplifying design and build of diagnostic and analytical instruments

Escape the challenges and complexities of custom instrument design.

Streamlined Support by Experienced Design Partners

Building diagnostic and analytical instruments can be complex when your business needs fluidics expertise. We draw from 120+ years of combined experience, working collaboratively alongside you to save time and overcome tough design obstacles that create delays.

Streamlined Support by Experienced Design Partners

We know how challenging custom instrument design can be—at least when you’re not an expert in the industry. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can move forward with complete confidence in your designs and their components.

  • A responsive cross-functional team - We match you with a dynamic group of account managers, applications engineers, and manufacturing experts.
  • Dedicated model building team - We can quickly design, document, and build prototypes using advanced CAD and 3D modeling.
  • Manufacturing insight - Our cross-functional teams ensure your designs are efficiently and reliably manufactured to reduce verification and validation delays.

Dependable Delivery Across the Instrument Lifecycle

Your business needs quick, easy access to a supply of fluidic parts. We design reliable, scalable, high-quality solutions with fast lead times on prototypes and dependable delivery on production assemblies.

Dependable Delivery Across the Instrument Lifecycle

Say goodbye to production delays and unreliable turnaround times. Leveraging our proven expertise and wide range of in-house capabilities, we can help ensure dependable delivery from start to finish across the entire instrument lifecycle.

  • Inventory management programs - We minimize lead times by providing a ready supply of components, helping you to operate a just-in-time materials program. 
  • Robust supply network - We meet delivery timelines on more than 2 million assemblies annually using our integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities, a supply chain network of more than 300 approved vendors, and thousands of validated materials.
  • Swift prototyping - Long and unreliable turnaround times in early development stages create delays that affect instrument delivery. Our engineering teams offer focused and responsive service to reduce lead times on prototypes.
  • World-class quality management - Refined over 30 years, our quality management processes are driven by best practices that are implemented across our five facilities on three continents.

Products Designed to Meet Your Unique Challenges

Unlike vertically integrated competitors with a limited range of products, our experienced, responsive teams use a wide variety of configurable solutions to design around your organization’s unique challenges and needs.

Products Designed to Meet Your Unique Challenges

Access to limited selections of standard off-the-shelf fluidic components and accessories will hold your projects back, which is why we offer a wide variety of configurations, giving you the flexibility to easily customize components for your application.

  • A common design platform – We provide component compatibility to allow you more than 1 billion assembly combinations and integration with more than 35 product types. 
  • Built-in flexibility of standard components – Effortlessly customize your components including labels, wiring, mounting, tubing shape and length, circuit integration, electrical connections, materials, and colors.
  • Build everything you need with our subsystem expertise – Easily integrate and validate complex assemblies of multilayer manifolds, pumps, valves, tubing, fittings, and sensors.
  • Finished goods testing in our modern test labs – Test your systems’ mechanical, electrical, or functional performance, including pressure and leak testing.

Products and Services

Access industry-leading products and services to supplement the design and manufacture of precise fluid handling components.

  • Connection Components
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Probes, Sensors, and Heaters
  • Manifolds
  • Connection Systems
  • Labware Systems
  • Tubing Systems
  • Services
Connection Components

Connection components with tubing precisely transport fluids between fixtures and vessels throughout an instrument.

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Pumps and Valves

Pump and valve components with tubing are designed to control and direct fluids within an instrument system.

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Probes, Sensors, and Heaters

Probes, sensors, and heater components control transfer and temperature of samples, reagents, and waste fluids with minimal carryover.

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Manifolds reduce footprint, contamination, unmanageable wiring and tubing nests, and overall inventory costs and production time.

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Connection Systems

Standard and custom fittings, connectors, adaptors, and tubing simplify the design process by creating compatible fluid transfer platforms.

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Labware Systems

Labware services help achieve maximum performance for low- to mid-pressure liquid chromatography or flow chemistry applications.

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Tubing Systems

Standard and custom tubing assemblies are configured with a variety of labeling, printing, kitting, thermoforming, and extrusion options.

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Through our partnership services, we provide a dedicated, cross-functional team to solve your fluid handling and supply chain needs.

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Find out what success looks like at Arcmed.

1+ billion component assembly combinations
2.5+ million assemblies delivered annually
90+ thousand square feet of manufacturing space
3+ decades of fluidic design experience