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Diba and Bio-Chem have merged and rebranded to form a simplified fluid handling supplier dedicated to helping engineers, scientists, and doctors solve the toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges.

Tubing Systems

Standard and custom tubing assemblies with a variety of options

Tubing Systems

You can use tubing as the conduit to transfer fluid throughout your instrument. We offer a wide variety of tubing assemblies and sample loops and mixing coils with labeling and printing, kitting, and thermoforming options.

Custom Assemblies

Arcmed manufacturers more than 5,000 unique tubing assemblies annually with each designed to our customers’ exact specifications. Custom tubing applications typically fall into two distinct categories: 1. sampling and 2. washing and waste. For the sampling side of an instrument, we recommend precision, chemically inert tubing assemblies designed to avoid dead volume and reduce carryover. For the washing and waste side of an instrument, we recommend soft tubing assemblies to quickly and easily remove unneeded fluid from the system.

Labeling - harness
Labeling - Spiralwrap Assm Transparent
Custom Assemblies

Labeling and Print-on Tubing

Tubing assemblies can be printed and labeled using a variety of methods to ensure straightforward installation and servicing. Color-coded fittings, sleeving, heat shrink labels, wraparound labels, and clip-on labels are all available to help operators identify the correct connection points within your instrument. While heat shrink labels are typically the easiest and most economic approach to label hard polymer tubing, more permanent methods are also available for harsh and unique environments.

We can print text onto semirigid plastic tubing, such as PTFE, FEP, and LDPE, using our laser etching capabilities, and can print text onto soft plastic tubing, such as PVC, Tygon, and silicone using our inkjet machines.

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Kitting - Diba Custom Bottle Cap Assembly
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Custom Assemblies


Kitting simplifies your supply chain efforts by reducing a large list of disparate parts into a single part number specific to your application. By efficiently packaging your components together, we ensure your set of tubing assemblies easily integrates into your manufacturing and servicing processes to speed your build cycle and field service times.

Custom Assemblies


Tight spaces in many diagnostic and analytical instruments make it difficult to maintain consistent fluid paths in standard tubing. Thermoformed tubing assemblies can be custom designed with 2D or 3D dimensional precision bends and coils that fit neatly into instruments. Our expert engineer and manufacturing teams create thermoformed tubing designs to prevent kinking and improper installation. Available tubing materials include FEP, PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PVC, LDPE, PVDF, TPU, and PEEK.

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Standard Tubing Assemblies

Standard tubing assemblies are ideal during your instrument design phase to accelerate breadboarding and prototyping. These high-quality, in-stock assemblies feature our proprietary Flare Connection System and Click-N-Seal fittings to minimize dead volume and create a reliable, secure connection. A variety of sizes, materials, and connector options are available to reduce the time and cost typically associated with custom tubing assemblies.

standard tubing assembly
Standard Assemblies

Size and Materials

Standard tubing assemblies are available in a variety of materials and sizes:

  • Inner diameters of 0.30”, 0.31”, or 0.62”
  • Outer diameters of 0.62”, 0.93”, or 0.125”
  • Tubing lengths of 3”, 12”, or 24”
  • Tubing materials of PTFE, FEP, or silicone
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Standard Assemblies

Connector Options

Standard tubing assemblies are available with a variety of our proprietary fitting and tubing designs.

  • 6-40 PEEK fitting with Flare: A slim profile that can fit into tight spaces with no tools required for aggressive chemistries
  • Click-N-Seal Standard with Flare: A recessed design for maximum engagement with threaded ports
  • Click-N-Seal Plus with Flare: A slim profile with improved pressure, enhanced chemical compatibility, and reduced dead volume
  • Click-N-Seal Plus with Gripper: A slim profile with improved pressure, enhanced chemical compatibility, and increased strength for repeat connection
  • Click-N-Seal Ultra with Flare: A compact head design with pressure compatibility up to 7,000 psi for HPLC applications
  • Microbarb with soft tubing: A PEEK fitting with small ID soft tubing to reduce carryover for use with pump and valve applications.

Sample Loops & Mixing Coils

Sample loops and mixing coils are designed with Click-N-Seal Ultra fittings and Flared tubing for a secure and inert connection. Standard loops and coils are available in a variety of sizes, while designs compatible with alternative connection systems are available on request.

Sample Loop
Sample Loops & Mixing Coils

Sample Loops

Sample loops allow for repeatable injection or sampling within your instrument and are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Constructed from FEP material
  • Outer diameter of 1.6 mm (1/16”)
  • Inner diameter options include 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, or 1.0 mm
  • Loop volume options range from 25-2,500 microliters (µL)
Mixing Coil
Sample Loops & Mixing Coils

Mixing Coils

Mixing coils allow for repeatable integration of fluids within your instrument and are available in a variety of lengths.

  • Constructed from FEP material
  • Outer diameter of 1.6 mm (1/16”)
  • Inner diameter of 0.5 mm (0.20”)
  • Length options range from 20-120 mm
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