Announcing Arcmed

Diba and Bio-Chem have merged and rebranded to form a simplified fluid handling supplier dedicated to helping engineers, scientists, and doctors solve the toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges.

Probes, Sensors, and Heaters

Control the transfer and temperature of samples, reagents, and waste fluids with minimal carryover.

Complete control of Fluid Transfer

Take control of the transfer and temperature of various fluids without overflow, line restrictions, or vacuum loss.


Our probes are designed to your exact specifications with many assemblies including level sensing, fluid heating, and custom capabilities.

Probes-Standard-Piercing Probes
Probes-Standard-DP3 Polishing

Standard Probes

Standard probes are designed to easily connect to tubing assemblies with the use of a flare or ferrule. The three versions of standard probes — drawn, DP3®-polished, and FEP-lined — are made of 316 stainless steel with a 200 µL internal volume capacity and are capable of reaching the bottom of most sample tubes.

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Probes-Custom-SampleReagent Probes
Probes-Custom-Piercing Probe with Side Inlet Port 2
Probes-Custom-Piercing Probe with Side Inlet Port
Probes-Custom-probe 5
Probes-Custom-Bias Cut MicroBarb Tubing
Probes-Custom-inside probe
Probes-Custom-LINED PROBE 2

Custom Probes

Custom precision probes are designed per each customer’s exact specifications for the most demanding microfluidic applications. Other custom capabilities include stainless steel, alloys and nonmetallic tubing, laser welding, custom tips, thermoforming, venting, FEP lining, swaging, drawdown, DP3® polishing, and specialty surface finishes.

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Level Sensors

Choose from a variety of level sensing methods, including capacitive, conductive, ultrasonic, and other technologies to signal the level of fluids in a vessel.

Level Sensors

HydroPLUS Sensors

HydroPLUS is the only continuous pressure level sensor for nonvolatile fluids and any vessel shape or material with customizable tube lengths to meet your needs. It also features zero moving parts, doesn’t read foam, and works well with collapsible containers.

  • Sensing range between 0 - 10” of fluid
  • Two-point calibration
  • Accurate to 0.125” of fluid
  • Less than 1-second response time
  • Viscosity range from 0.894 - 4 centipoise (cP)
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Alt Sensor 1
Alt Sensor 2
Alt Sensor - level sensor asm - w-cap
Alt Sensor - level sensor asm - w-cap2
Level Sensors

Alternative Sensors

Our conductive sensors are integrated with electrical connections to provide an empty or full signal for conductive fluids. Customized parylene coating designs accommodate multiple levels and sizes to detect liquid in cuvettes while performing aspirate and dispense functions. Ultrasonic, piezo-resonant, and float technologies are available to suit your additional continuous and noncontinuous level sensing needs.


Our integrated heating components enable temperature-dependent analysis, such as testing reagents at body temperature and accelerating wash cycles of solvents.

Fluid Heater


Heating components are available in probe and reservoir designs. Heaters easily integrate into probe assemblies to create a continuous, inert fluid path when space is limited. Compact reservoir heaters are available with multiple sensing options, including thermistors and thermocouples, to quickly and precisely heat fluids.

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