Announcing Arcmed

Diba and Bio-Chem have merged and rebranded to form a simplified fluid handling supplier dedicated to helping engineers, scientists, and doctors solve the toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges.

Pumps and Valves

Control and direct fluids within an instrument system with guaranteed precision and reliability.

Precise, Reliable Fluid Control

Experience precise and reliable fluid control within an instrument system with industry-leading pumps and valves.


Choose from a variety of piston, peristaltic, and solenoid-operated pumps for high precision and accurate dispensing of reagents, wash fluids, and samples.

Piston Pump Maestro 3 Materials
Piston Pumps - multiple material options available

Piston Pumps

Piston pumps are reciprocating-type, positive displacement pumps that move fluid by trapping a fixed amount and forcing it through the discharge port. These pumps are the longest lasting and have the widest variety of configurations and material choices on the market.

  • Dispense fluid at 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000 microliters (µL)
  • Full dispense volume precision of <0.5% CV
  • Accurate to 99.5 percent at 2 percent to full dispense volume
  • Pressure rated up to 500 psi (contact us today for high pressure applications)
  • Full stroke of 12.7 mm
  • Available in acrylic, PEEK, and Ultem head materials and zirconia, ceramic, and PEEK piston materials
  • Accurate to 10-million cycles in water and 5-million cycles for more aggressive fluids
  • Choose from a variety of innovative design styles: 
    • Maestro: Minimal backlash with twice the longevity of competitors for diagnostic and low-pressure applications
    • Ultra: Proprietary hydrophobic construction reduces salt buildup for 100 times the life in aggressive fluids compared to competitive pumps
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Solenoid Micro Pumps

Solenoid-operated micro pumps are designed to provide precise, repeatable, and discrete dispensing of fluid in which the flow path is isolated from the operating mechanism by a flexible diaphragm to ensure low carryover. Our self-priming micro pumps are available in a range of different sizes and materials to adapt to highly aggressive or high-purity applications. 

  • Threaded ports of manifold mounted
  • Available with PTFE, PEEK, PPS, POM, EPDM, and FKM materials
  • Max flow rate up to  24.0 mL/min 
  • Discrete dispense volumes as low as 20 µL
  • Pressure rated up to 2.5 psi
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WX Series OEM Peristaltic Pump
WX Series OEM Peristaltic Pump
WX Series OEM Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps operate by squeezing and releasing a flexible tube, offering a contamination-free and precise fluid transfer solution for a wide range of liquids (including shear-sensitive biological materials). Arcmed has Peristaltic Pumps for customers in the OEM medical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications.

Arcmed is aligned with its group sister-company to provide Peristaltic Pump and Tubing solutions for OEM applications.

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Select from a variety of pinch, isolation, flow selection, rocker, and electronic rotary-style valves to open or close off fluid pathways.


Pinch Valves

Pinch valves feature a contoured, smooth design for simple tube installation and removal that's easily integrated and mounted onto manifolds. These valves are available in multiple configurations to control flow across two, three, or even eight medical-grade tubing lines to provide an inert flow path with zero dead volume.

  • High tolerance of particulates, precipitate, and sediment
  • Frequent cleaning or changing of fluid lines
  • Low-pressure flow passage through flexible tubing
  • Pressure rated up to 30 psi
  • 0.75” or 1.00” solenoid diameter sizes
  • Retains a variety of qualified tubing materials including silicone, C-flex, and BPT
  • Retains 0.093-0.25” OD tubing 
  • Available in a variety of valve configurations including normally open, normally closed, and three-way
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Isolation Valves

Solenoid-operated isolation valves offer instrument designers a completely inert, nonmetallic fluid path, using a flexible diaphragm to isolate the solenoid actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Isolation valves deliver low internal volumes, precise flow control, and excellent ease of installation.

  • Precise, repeatable dispensing of aggressive or expensive reagents
  • Fast response with high pressures
  • Flow diversion and selection 
  • Custom designs available up to 500 psi pressure rating
  • Robust design rated up to 10 million cycles
  • Available in a variety of valve configurations including normally open, normally closed, and three-way.
  • Valve orifice sizes ranging from 0.032 - 0.125”
  • Available with PTFE, PEEK, PPS, FKM, PSU, FFKM, and EPDM materials
Download Isolation Valve Brochure

Flow Selection Valves

Flow selection valves combine multiple valve actuators into a single, compact unit to provide flow paths of equal length. Flow paths can be made from extremely inert materials, making these valves particularly suitable for highly aggressive or high-purity fluid applications.

  • Equal length flow paths with identical response times, pressures, flow rates, and internal volumes
  • Flow mixing, flow selection, and stream splitting
  • Reduced cost, leak potential, and maintenance
  • Simplified control systems
  • Available with PTFE, PEEK, PPS, FFKM, and EPDM materials
  • Valve orifice sizes ranging from 0.032 - 0.125”
  • Internal fluid volumes ranging from 91 - 2,615 µL
  • Pressure rated up to 20 psi
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Rocker Valves

Our Opus rocker valves offer a stable, higher-flowing, long-lasting valve solution, ultimately setting a new standard in modern fluidics for dependable fluid handling in a small space and a precise flow rate with a small footprint and low internal fluid volume. Rocker valves are ideal in applications that require fluid interaction with optical detectors and increased flow rates without an increased footprint.

  • Response times less than 10 milliseconds
  • Pressure rated up to 30 psi
  • 40 percent smaller than competitors
  • Robust design rated to 15 million cycles
  • Compact size of 1 mm with an orifice size of 1.6 mm
  • Internal fluid volume of 35 µL
Download Rocker Valve Brochure

Electric Rotary Valves

Electric rotary valves, or rotary shear valves, are stepper, motor-driven fluid handling valves that provide an inert flow path for aggressive fluids by aligning holes in a PCTFE rotor with holes in the PTFE body. ERVs can be used for port selection or loop injection applications.

  • Available in 4- 6- 8- 10- and 12-way port designs
  • Pressure rated up to 200 psi
  • Port orifice size ranging from 0.032-0.096”
  • Head diameter ranging from 1.25 - 1.75”
  • Angular move distance between 30 - 90 degrees
  • Port-to-port move time between 125 - 250 ms
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