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Omnifit’s labware systems help to achieve maximum performance for low- to mid-pressure liquid chromatography or flow chemistry applications.

Labware Systems

Chromatography Columns

Chromatography Columns

EZ Columns

The simplified design of our EZ chromatography columns combines reliable column performance with easier use for fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) and low-pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC) applications. 

The redesigned columns provide improved ergonomics for simpler height adjustment, anti-roll features, improved endpieces for easier assembly, and superior frit placement for even distribution of sample flow. Made from high-quality materials, the system provides optimal chromatography performance through precision borosilicate glass columns for visual clarity, PTFE endpieces and plungers for a secure seal, PEEK threaded ends that won’t chip or break, and dual O-rings to ensure a secure seal. 

Our standard EZ columns are designed to suit the majority of standard laboratory chromatography applications, while the EZ SolventPlus columns are designed for maximum chemical compatibility in applications using organic solvents, such as reverse phase chromatography. Both EZ column styles are available in a variety of sizes and multiple fixed or adjustable endpiece configurations.

  • Operating temperatures between 4-40℃ (39-104℉)
  • Operating pressures between 75-1,200 psi (5-8 bar)
  • Internal diameter range between 5-50.5 millimeters (mm) 
  • Column length range between 50-640 mm
  • O-Ring material options include FKM/FPM and Chemraz
  • Connection cap materials options include polypropylene or ETFE with connection to 1/4”-28 UNF threaded fittings
  • Compatible with Agarose, Dextran, and Synthetic Polymer resins
  • Compatible with Click-N-Seal Fittings and AKTAᵀᴹ (Cytivaᵀᴹ) and NGCᵀᴹ (Bio-Radᵀᴹ) systems
  • Choose from a variety of innovative product lines:
    • EZ: Resistant to aqueous solutions and most solvents used in liquid chromatography with a few exceptions including acetone, ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and strong mineral acids
    • EZ SolventPlus: Resistant to aqueous solutions and most solvents used in standard and reverse phase chromatography including toluene, DMSO, pyridine, formamide, dimethylformamide, ethylene dichloride, and chloroform.
  •  Choose from a variety of column endpiece configurations:
    • Fixed: Nonadjustable with two fixed endpieces if height adjustment isn’t required
    • Hybrid: One fixed endpiece acts as a bed support and one adjustable endpiece provides you with fine movement control up to 80mm to minimize the risk of disturbance to the packed bed
    • Adjustable: Two adjustable endpieces provide maximum bed height flexibility up to 160 mm
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Chromatography Columns

Microbore Columns

Microbore columns are designed for applications requiring the smallest bed volumes with resistance to aqueous solutions and most solvents used in liquid chromatography. With fixed, nonadjustable endpieces, microbore columns are ideal for low-pressure or gravity feed systems and are available in a variety of lengths.

  • Internal diameter of 3 mm
  • Column length range between 25-150 mm 
  • PCTFE endpieces accept 1/4”-28 UNF threaded fittings to connect column in-line
  • PCTFE and stainless steel frits provide superior bed support
  • FKM/FMP O-rings provide secondary backup seal

Bottle and Waste Caps

Open solvent bottles can allow harmful solvent vapor to escape and chemicals to be spilled. Omnifit bottle and waste caps provide security, accuracy, and dependability to solvent delivery and waste disposal systems. Our caps can be used to support closed systems, making them ideal for mobile phase handling, culture preparation, and anyone aiming to improve solvent supply and waste handling.

Bottle and Waste Caps

Q-Series Solvent Caps

The Omnifit Q-Series is a versatile range of solvent caps with the security of threaded fitting nuts to ensure a leak-free, vapor-tight seal for applications that require repeated connection and disconnection. 

The anti-twist design ensures no more twisted tubes when the cap is fitted or removed and eliminates the need to disconnect fluid lines before unscrewing the cap. The autoclavable caps utilize a PTFE inner body for superior chemical inertness and reliable seal without the need for additional O-rings. 

  • Threaded ports accept standard male 1/4”-28 UNF fittings
  • Compatible with GL32, GL38-430, and GL45 bottles
  • Available with two, three, or four connection ports
  • Optional on/off valves, check valves, and filters to enable closed-system pressure equalization, prevent particulate contamination, and reduce chemical evaporation
  • Operating pressures of -10 psi (vacuum sealed) and 20 psi (+ve pressure)
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Bottle and Waste Caps

T-Series Solvent Caps

The Omnifit T-Series is a simplified and versatile range of solvent caps that require no additional fittings for tubing connections. Your tubing is pushed directly through the cap’s luer ports to create a liquid- and vapor-tight seal, while the anti-twist design allows you to keep fluid lines connected before unscrewing the cap. The T-series is ideal for use in vacuum applications.

  • Compatible with 1/8” OD semirigid tubing such as PTFE, ETFE, and FEP
  • Operating pressures of -10 psi (vacuum sealed) and 20 psi (+ve pressure)
  • Compatible with GL32, GL38-430, and GL45 bottles
  • Available with two, three, or four luer connection ports
  • Optional fluorocarbon check valves, on/off valves, and 10-micrometer (µm) PTFE filters
Download Bottle Cap CAD Drawings
Bottle and Waste Caps

T-Series Waste Caps

The Omnifit T-Series waste caps suit a variety of common laboratory waste vessels while utilizing the same anti-twist and fitting-free design found in the T-Series solvent caps. Since waste systems require positive pressure to pump waste, the T-Series waste caps include an additional vent port to allow for pressure equalization. In order to control vapor released from vent ports, additional precautions are required during use, such as placing the system in a fume hood, installing lur plugs into unused ports, and connecting the OmniFit Vapor Trap.

  • Compatible with 1/8” OD semirigid tubing such as PTFE, ETFE, and FEP
  • Available with three, four, or eight luer connection ports
  • Vent port accepts thread 1/4”-28 UNF connections
  • Compatible with GL38-430, GL45, GL53B, and GL83B bottles
  • Autoclavable materials including a glass-filled, polypropylene outer cap, PTFE inner sealing face, and an EPDM O-ring seals

Traps and Filters

Traps and filters are needed to ensure the safety of both your instrumentation and operating environment. A variety of bubble traps, vapor traps, and filters are easily integrated into your system to protect you and your equipment.

Traps and Filters

Bubble Traps

Omnifit bubble traps enable effective, in-line removal of bubbles from aqueous solutions with or without vacuum assistance. Despite using degassing solvents, dissolved gases can form damaging bubbles in pumps and detectors. Located between the reservoir and the pump, the Omnifit bubble traps force bubbles through a microporous hydrophobic membrane to avoid damaging sensitive fluid components. The Omnifit traps and is available in standard or high-flow designs.

  • Available with PEEK or PVC body construction 
  • Available to use as stand-alone or with vacuum pump
  • Flow rates up to 60 milliliters (mL) per minute
  • System-side differential operating pressure of 30 psi
Download Bubble Trap Manual
Traps and Filters

Vapor Traps

Vapor traps enable you to isolate any solvent vapor escaping from your system during pressure venting without the need to place the system into a fume hood. The activated carbon within the component confines vapors to prevent egress into the laboratory. An indicator strip on the component provides a simple color-changing indicator to indicate when the vapor trap is saturated. When the strip turns red, it’s time to replace your vapor trap.

  • Simplified saturation status through integrated color indicator
  • Compatible with Omnifit T-Series Waste Caps
  • Connection to threaded male 1/4”-28 UNF ports
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Labware Systems - Filter 1
Labware Systems - Filter 2
Labware Systems - Filter 3
Labware Systems - Filter 4
Labware Systems - Filter 5
Traps and Filters


Media filtration is needed to ensure solvents are free from particulate matter. A variety of filtration options are available, including both reservoir and in-line systems. 

Reservoir filters and bubblers are simple and effective solvent filtration solutions. The Omnifit reservoir filters are ideal for applications using harsh chemicals. These bottom-of-bottle filters are constructed entirely from PTFE with slots designed in the body to minimize waste by removing virtually all liquid from the bottle. 

In-line filters protect sensitive instrumentation, such as solenoid valves, from damage. These highly inert, microporous filters are ideal for applications involving aggressive and high-purity fluids. A distribution pattern machined onto both sides of the filter housing ensures that liquid is spread across the entire filter to ensure maximum usage of the filter area. With easy in-line installation and simple replacement, these filters are available with both 20 µm and 50 µm porosity.

Choose from a variety of filtration options:

  • Reservoir Filters: 10 µm porosity filters ensure even the smallest particulates are removed in harsh chemical systems.
  • Filter Bubblers: PTFE or stainless steel construction are suitable for sparging and filtration applications.
  • In-Line Filters: Optimal filtration for aggressive and high-purity fluids protects sensitive instrumentation.
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