Click-N-Seal CAD Files

Download your computer-aided design files for Click-N-Seal fittings and adapters. 

Are you interested in including Click-N-Seal fittings in your instrument design? Download your engineering files through your email in a .STEP format by filling out the form on this page.




Products and parts included in your download:

  • Click-N-Seal Standard Length
    • DB200-12714-XX
    • DB200-12715-XX
  • Click-N-Seal Medium Length
    • 008NG16-CS5X
    • 008NG25-CS5X
    • 008NG32-CS5X
  • Click-N-Seal Standard IB-093
    • 008NB16-CS5X
  • Click-N-Seal Ultra
    • 008NG16-KT5L
    • 008NG25-KT5L
  • Click-N-Seal Plus (Acetal)
    • 008NG16-AT5H
    • 008NG25-AT5H
    • 008NG32-AT5H

Additional CAD files are available upon request. Please fill out the form on this page to access the CAD Click-N-Seal files described above!

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