Announcing Arcmed

Diba and Bio-Chem have merged and rebranded to form a simplified fluid handling supplier dedicated to helping engineers, scientists, and doctors solve the toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges.

Our Approach

Discover what’s unique about Arcmed’s approach to designing and developing custom fluidic solutions for your reliable diagnostic and analytical instruments.

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Find out what success looks like at Arcmed.

1+ billion component assembly combinations
2.5+ million assemblies delivered annually
90+ thousand square feet of manufacturing space
3+ decades of fluidic design experience

Streamlined Support from Experienced Partners

When your business lacks fluidic expertise, you need more than suppliers who just manufacture and sell components. At Arcmed, we work collaboratively alongside you to provide dedicated service from responsive, knowledgeable sales and engineering teams, saving you time and eliminating tough design obstacles.

Streamlined Support from Experienced Partners

Dependable Delivery Across the Instrument Lifecycle

Providers with long or unreliable turnaround times can create significant production delays that impede your operations. We offer short lead times on our prototypes and on-time delivery of production components, helping you achieve time savings, cost savings, and guaranteed supply chain reliability during production.

Dependable Delivery Across the Instrument Lifecycle

Products Designed to Meet Your Unique Challenges

Access to a limited selection of standard, off-the-shelf instruments will hold your projects back. Unlike competitors who only supply a limited range of products, Arcmed offers a variety of configurations with the flexibility to customize components to help solve all your fluidic challenges during the design phase.

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Products Designed to Meet Your Unique Challenges

Ensuring Stability and Reputational Assurance

We support our partners by delivering flexible, scalable fluidic components with complete protection from single-site manufacturing risks, reassurance of our financial backing by Halma, and access to a widespread global business network. Our established global supply chain and dedicated engineering and manufacturing teams in five facilities across three continents make us uniquely positioned to ensure stable, reputable performance for each of our clients.

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Ensuring Stability and Reputational Assurance

Designs with Unmatched Quality and Performance

Our high-quality, customizable products are capable of meeting all of your specific design challenges, reducing complexity and carryover to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and performance of diagnostic instruments. Our innovations include:

Designs with Unmatched Quality and Performance

What makes Arcmed different?

Arcmed partners with our customers to offer unrivaled support from a team that’s:

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Accessible, open-minded team members coupled with quality products help set us apart from the competition.
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Customers put trust in our expertise and reliable, methodical approach to delivering quality at the cutting edge.
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We’re optimists who create solutions others can’t, bringing new possibilities to life with our sense of curiosity.
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We take a fully collaborative approach, ingraining ourselves in customers’ businesses to facilitate optimal outcomes.
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Our entire team takes pride in the hard work and diligence that produces our life-changing solutions.
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Where others see difficulty, we see opportunity and potential, innovating with level heads and a positive outlook.