The first interaction between a patient sample and a diagnostic instrument occurs at the probe. Setting the stage for accurate analysis, the dispensing and aspirating performed by probes plays a pivotal role in machine performance. In addition to sample handling, probes can also be utilized to handle reagents, wash solutions, and waste. Across all applications, quality is paramount for accurate test results and safe liquid handling.

The ongoing demand from instrument developers to design systems capable of performing increasingly sensitive tests while requiring less samples drives intricate requests from our customers. In this blog, you will learn how Arcmed achieves high-quality and precision, and why our customers trust us to develop their probe assemblies.

Design & Construction

At Arcmed, we believe quality begins at ideation, and our design engineers offer the critical expertise to create a reliable probe for your instrument. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our manufacturing capabilities and techniques to produce superior probes. First, we employ advanced forming processes to shape metal tubing into precise geometries, essential for dispensing volume accuracy. Our machine shop utilizes various techniques, including swaging and tube draw down, to achieve the desired form. Additional processes may be carried out to shape the tip with designs specific to each application while maximizing the life of the probe.


Surface Finish

A critical aspect of probe performance is surface finish, and obtaining a low surface roughness, particularly in the inner diameter (ID) is imperative. A smooth internal surface minimizes carryover and allows for more efficient wash cycles. At Arcmed, we've developed a proprietary process capable of achieving surface finishes below 0.1 microns (Ra). Known as DP3, this process creates an impressive finish in the tight diameter of the probe. This process is a great alternative to lined probes, as the mirror finish yields a similar hydrophobic surface.



Our laser welding capabilities ensure the seamless integration of additional, like-material components on the body of the probe, known as collars, washers, headers, and sleeves. For applications requiring different material components, we offer soldering and brazing services.


Assembly & Testing

After fabrication, our assembly facilities expertly integrate probes into elaborate configurations. These include ‘value-add’ Arcmed products, like tubing, manifolds, pumps, and valves, to create a full fluidic handling system. If your instrument requires your sample to be tested at a certain temperature, we offer heater attachments for your probes, along with other sensor attachments for the continuous measurement of reagent and waste bottle levels. To guarantee that we can meet our customers’ requirements, we collaborate with trusted partners to expand our capabilities, facilitating a fully integrated supply chain.

After final assembly, routine leak and flow tests are conducted on our probes. We can also tailor our testing protocols to meet your specifications. For instance, we can administer electrical tests for probes with heaters, conductivity tests, and many others to guarantee the probe’s performance in an instrument.

Why Arcmed

Our expertise extends across all aspects of probe manufacturing, guaranteeing superior performance and accurate results. We understand the nuances in every application, and we deliver probes perfectly suited to your needs. Our probes increase precision and reduce wash times, which increase test throughput and profitability, made possible by:

  • Low carryover
  • Flow precision
  • Sample temperature accuracy
  • Fluid level sensing
  • Hydrophobic coatings
  • Electropolished outer surfaces
  • Custom tip designs
  • And more

For decades, we have partnered with leading instrument developers to transform the world of diagnostics, expanding the capacities of detection. We have aided in the release of novel HIV tests and worked closely with customers to reduce system cycle times, among other exciting projects.

As instruments evolve, the demand for superior probe technology escalates. At Arcmed, we embrace this challenge, continually expanding our capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of our customers and the market. Reach out today to discover how Arcmed can design and build your instrument probes.