Arcmed & Argento Partnership Announcement 

Arcmed Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Argento Scientific, a fast-growing chromatography company headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts. Together, we will offer value-added column packing services to Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in delivering high-quality solutions to the chromatography industry. 

In this partnership, Arcmed provides high-performance Omnifit columns, crafted from borosilicate glass and designed for low-to-mid-pressure biomolecule purification applications. These columns hold a critical role in downstream processes, particularly in tasks like process validation and viral clearance studies. Omnifit columns demonstrate compatibility and are used with a diverse range of resins, including agarose, dextran, and synthetic polymers, making them a versatile choice for various chromatography techniques, including Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion, and Ligand Chromatography. Their esteemed reputation for top-quality columns stems from the user-friendly design, consistent packing, and superior resin performance of the columns. 

Adrian Argento, CEO and Founder of Argento Scientific, brings a wealth of expertise in the downstream process space as he has spent the majority of his career working in this market. His history with Omnifit, Diba and Kinesis, enabled him to identify the unmet market need to simplify downstream workflows by delivering high-value customized solutions for the life sciences community. Today, Argento Scientific provides pre-packed column solutions and solvent safety capture systems to renowned Biotechnology companies. 

The partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to provide innovative and unmatched services, including: 

  • Customized packing solutions to meet unique needs with a leading column in the industry 
  • Accelerated turnaround times 
  • Expert technical support and consultation 


“Argento Scientific is committed to providing customers unequalled service and quality, and that dedication to customers is also at the heart of Arcmed. Which is why this is such a great partnership” said Jim Hill, VP of International Sales at Arcmed Group. 

“The Omnifit columns aren’t the only protein purification columns on the market, but they are the best.  This applies to inertness, flow characteristics, cost and ease of use.  That’s why we picked Arcmed as our partner and we are excited for our relationship to continue growing over time” said Adrian Argento, CEO of Argento Scientific. 

Through this partnership, both companies are better equipped to provide comprehensive support to leading Biotech and Pharma enterprises by simplifying their unique column packing requirements.  

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to learn more about the expanded chromatography column packing services offered through this partnership, please contact: 



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