New Look, Same People: Your Questions on the Arcmed Rebrand Answered

We recently rebranded the Diba Industries and Bio-Chem Fluidics partnership to a new name: Arcmed.

While this branding change does not affect the high level of service and support you've come to expect from our business, we want to provide you additional clarity on the brand transition. In the event your questions are not addressed below, please contact us directly for any additional detail you need to support our transition to Arcmed.

Why are Diba Industries and Bio-Chem Fluidics rebranding as Arcmed?

Our rebrand celebrates over 15 years of successful collaboration as sister companies under Halma plc and brings you the combined power of over 120 years of experience.

Our aim in rebranding is to deliver enhanced levels of service globally and make it even simpler to do business with us. In particular, it allows us to streamline the design and build of diagnostic and analytical instruments by providing you with centralized access to our combined product and service portfolio.

What does Arcmed mean?
Our new name reflects our united sense of purpose and enhanced capabilities as a full solutions provider. Partly inspired by Archimedes, the original inventor of the world’s first fluidic pump in Ancient Greece, our name is a constant reminder of how, over a millennium later, we are still inspired to bring new fluid handling possibilities to life. 

Our name also signifies the way each project follows an arc from idea to prototyping to production, with Arcmed acting as a true collaborative partner for our customers at each stage.  

Our name also echoes how we remain a purpose-driven medical device company that’s dedicated to improving patient outcomes by helping our customers solve the world’s toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges. 

Why is the rebranding beneficial for our customers?

  • Bigger portfolio, greater compatibility  the huge variety of configurations we offer provides compatibility with over 1 billion assembly combinations and integration with over 35 types of fluidic components. This gives the flexibility to customize components to help you solve all types of different fluidic challenges during the design phase
  • Streamlined support  to help you draw upon our entire product and service portfolio and fluid design resources we’ll match you up with a committed cross-functional team who will ensure your designs are efficiently and reliably manufactured to reduce verification and validation delays. Our teams have over 120 combined years of expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality fluid components.
  • Dependable delivery across the instrument lifecycle — our partnership brings you all the benefits of enhanced global scalability. With over 90,000 ft2of combined manufacturing space across 5 facilities on 3 continents, integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities, world-class quality management processes, and broad supply chain network we can help you meet any fluid handling challenge. 

What changes can I expect from the rebranding?

  • A new look and feel Over the next 12 months, you’ll notice our new corporate identity appearing on marketing materials and corporate documents like brochures, packaging, and sales agreements. These changes will occur gradually as we exhaust our preexisting inventory to help minimize our environmental impact.
  • Streamlined agreements — While all our existing legal entities will remain intact, we will simplify our sales and legal agreements over the next 12 months to allow customers to secure products and services from the entities across the group with a universal contract. We have already streamlined agreements for our cookie policy, privacy policy, and standard customer terms and conditions, which will only apply to future new orders starting April 13th 2022. These streamlined terms and conditions reflect existing language used by both sister companies and specify our strong warranty policy across the newly combined product portfolio
  • Migrating digital communication channels — Our existing website domains and emails remain functional. However, we will be increasingly moving to our rebranded website, social channels, and a new email domain. Rest assured, in the meantime you can continue to use your existing contacts and expect the same high level of responsiveness you’ve come to enjoy. 

What will stay the same despite the rebranding?

  • Our commitment to our customers — This will continue to be our highest priority. There is no change to how you do business with us as your vendor, and we will continue serving your fluid design and manufacturing needs.
  • The Diba, Omnifit, and Bio-Chem names — these established brand names won’t disappear, nor will the great teams of experts behind them. You will still see the Diba, Omnifit, and Bio-Chem names as part of The Arcmed Group when appearing on products related to each business’s expertise.
  • Our products — The rebranding will not affect the form, fit, or function of any products. There will be no changes to the part numbers or pricing associated with our products or the pricing. The same high-quality fluidic components are still developed, manufactured, and supported by the same teams.    
  • Our production and operations — There will be no change to our manufacturing process, quality control, ordering process, invoicing process, packing slips, and purchase orders across our entities. We remain committed to our quoted shipping and delivery times, which are not affected by the brand change.   
  • Your existing agreements and transactional documentsWhile we will be doing business as Arcmed, and you will gradually see our new corporate identity on documents, the legal structure, existing agreements, and standing of our individual entities will not change and will continue to be referenced appropriately in your documents. The brand change will not affect distributor relationships or purchasing processes, and there is no need to change or merge vendors in your systems. Customers like you will continue to work with the same people they have come to trust. 

Arcmed represents simple, centralized access to:

  • Diba Innovative fluid connection systems, tubing assemblies, probes, heaters and manifolds.
  • Omnifit — Fluid transfer components for labware and chromatography.
  • Bio-Chem Miniature pumps and valves.

We aren’t just thrilled about our new name; we’re excited about the possibilities this new level of integration unlocks. It makes us even better equipped to solve the world’s toughest diagnostic and analytical challenges and simplify the design and build of these instruments for our customers.


In the event your questions are not addressed, please contact us directly for any additional detail you need to support our transition to Arcmed.